Museo del Montefeltro - Pennabilli

Welcome to the Museo Diocesano “A. Bergamaschi” were the memory of the faith of the Diocesan possessions is preserved.

The museum tells the story of the dialogue between man and God that took place in the territory of the Diocese of Montefeltro. Our direction has staged the objects as they accumulate in a garret, in a trunk, in a drawer, in order to make visible the vicissitudes of memory and oblivion. The works are imperfect and fragmentary deposits of glances and express the human need for certainty, a man who as a child with his mother relies on prayer to God, who protects him.


  • Indirizzo: Piazza Sant'Agostino
  • Città: Pennabilli (RN)


  • Tel: +39 0541913750
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