Grand Hotel & SPA Terme di Castrocaro

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170 years of activity, 2 million patients and 26 millions of therapies supplied: here is the great wealth of experience of Terme di Castrocaro .
A thermal complex with its first building programme in 1938, when the "State Thermal Establishment" was inaugurated, surrounded by a huge botanical garden of 8 hectares.

It is a pleasure that is both timeless and contemporary,
…a sense of belonging to a generous and sincere region of sea, hills and valleys.
…a unique and unmistakable style that can flourish only where there is a past, a culture, the history of a nation.

The Grand Hotel Terme, a symphony of “instruments” working in unison: space, discretion, organization, food and drinks, technology, all ready for wellbeing success.
Terra del Sole of Terme di Castrocaro, where fun is an essential ingredient in the art of living, offers a perfect setting for this gem where it is possible to find the harmony of a psychophysical wellbeing in a stay among art, history and nature.


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  • Indirizzo: Via Roma, 2
  • Città: Castrocaro Terme (FC)


  • Tel: +39 0543 767114
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.