Alla luce della situazione attuale di emergenza, la Romagna Visit Card ha deciso a malincuore di prendersi una pausa in questo 2020.

L’intero sistema turistico, non solo quello del nostro territorio, sta vivendo un momento molto difficile; per questo, siamo già al lavoro per rendere la Card uno strumento ancora più evoluto ed integrato, che possa contribuire a una maggiore attrattività del territorio e al rilancio del settore, una volta superata l’emergenza.
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Terme di Cervia

10% - 30% discount


The Terme di Cervia are an oasis immersed in a vast pine forest, the ideal place to recharge your batteries, leave everyday life behind and awaken your dormant energies. It is the concept of wellbeing, well-being at 360 °, which includes the pleasure of making authentic relationships in a healthy environment, in contact with nature, doing good for the body and the spirit.

The Terme di Cervia, with their professional staff, offer therapeutic and aesthetic treatments using the Acqua Madre born in the salt pans, and it is what remains of the crystallization process of sodium chloride, the future sweet salt of Cervia; and Fango Liman, which comes from the microorganisms and sediments that settle and concentrate on the bottom of the salt collection basins, turning into silt.

To welcome you the Thermal Pool, one of the largest in Europe, renewed this year following a renovation project. It was in fact divided into three distinct environments specifically designed to meet different needs: the 20-meter thermal pool, with a depth ranging from 1.10m to 1.30m; the deep thermal pool, 10 meters long and 1.70m deep, ideal for experiencing the experience of suspension in water; and the third tank, with hypertonic Acqua Madre, with sodium and chlorides, the main salts dissolved in sea water, present in concentration 5 times higher. The presence is even greater than that of the Dead Sea, the natural basin with the highest salinity in the world.

The Terme di Cervia are affiliated with the NHS and INAIL. Info www.terme .org - 0544/990111.

Discount specifications *:

30% discount on entry to the thermal pool;
10% discount on a revitalizing / decontracting thermal treatment and on a salt peeling treatment

Discount specifications *:

30% discount on entry to the thermal pool;
10% discount on a revitalizing / decontracting thermal treatment and on a salt peeling treatment

The revitalizing or decontracting thermal path includes an entrance to the thermal path and a massage with lavender cream and rosemary for the revitalizing, while for the decontracting massage is performed with arnica cream.

Salt peeling, with a regenerating power, promotes the renewal of the epidermis, smoothes and gives softness and brightness: it is a three-step program, with scrub, ozonated bath and final hydration. This makes the skin ready and moisturized for hair removal, so as not to have a too "traumatic" impact on the skin.

To take advantage of the agreement the associates must present the membership card.


  • Indirizzo: Via Forlanini, 16
  • Città: Cervia (RA)


  • Tel: +39 0544990111
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.