Alla luce della situazione attuale di emergenza, la Romagna Visit Card ha deciso a malincuore di prendersi una pausa in questo 2020.

L’intero sistema turistico, non solo quello del nostro territorio, sta vivendo un momento molto difficile; per questo, siamo già al lavoro per rendere la Card uno strumento ancora più evoluto ed integrato, che possa contribuire a una maggiore attrattività del territorio e al rilancio del settore, una volta superata l’emergenza.
Per tutti gli aggiornamenti continuate a seguirci sulla pagina Facebook, che rimane sempre attiva come canale informativo e punto di contatto con gli utenti.
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Parco Tematico dell'Aviazione

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The Aviation Park, inaugurated on 2 April 1995, offers visitors a rare collection of aircraft that have played an important role in some of the most significant moments of the post-war period. These planes, of which over forty are on display, were the protagonists of several wars (Korea, India–Pakistan, Vietnam, Iran–Iraq, Gulf, Bosnia) and other episodes over the last 50 years. Silent witnesses of past conflicts but now resting on green lawns, they are finally available for close examination by the many enthusiasts of aviation history.
The exhibition itinerary covers a total distance of over 2 km, and highlights include the possibility of boarding the plane once owned by Clark Gable, on which celebrities and important public figures like Marilyn Monroe, John and Ted Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan flew in the past.

The museum’s most recent acquisition is in fact closely linked with the Italian Aerobatics Squadron, and the new exhibit presents the remains of the three aircraft (Aermacchi MB. 339 P.A.N.) destroyed in the tragic accident at Ramstein in 1988. To commemorate the victims of this disaster (sixty-seven civilians and the three Italian pilots), the Aviation Museum Park has installed a monument in memory of the sad occasion.

The theme park also offers other facilities such as a refreshment area (a bar and restaurant seating more than 300 people), a pleasant building immersed in the woods with an adjoining area where children can play peacefully. There is an area equipped for helicopter landings, and a partially asphalted car park completes the facilities offered. The museum always affords everyone a warm welcome and to help the disabled almost all architectural barriers have been removed and a stair lift has been installed in the pavilion. A visit to the Aviation Park can last from a minimum of two hours to as long as four hours or more, depending on interest in the exhibits, and free guided visits are offered by request for parties.


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