Alla luce della situazione attuale di emergenza, la Romagna Visit Card ha deciso a malincuore di prendersi una pausa in questo 2020.

L’intero sistema turistico, non solo quello del nostro territorio, sta vivendo un momento molto difficile; per questo, siamo già al lavoro per rendere la Card uno strumento ancora più evoluto ed integrato, che possa contribuire a una maggiore attrattività del territorio e al rilancio del settore, una volta superata l’emergenza.
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Museo Civico Mons. Domenico Mambrini

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Born out of the private collection of Mons. Domenico Mambrini (1879-1944), this museum is further enriched by numerous findings recovered over the years during the excavations conducted in Galeata archaeological sites (Mevaniola, Theodoric villa) and materials from the Abbey of San Ellero. The museum houses within its halls and deposits a variety of materials ranging from the prehistoric time to the contemporary age. The museum has moved from Palazzo Pretorio of Galeata to the Convent of Minor Friars of Pianetto.

The Civic Museum “Mons. Domenico Mambrini” is housed in the Convent of Friars Minor of Pianetto. Its foundation is the result of the passion for history and local memories by Mons. Domenico Mambrini, archpriest of Galeata from 1907 to 1944. Ever since the first decades of the 20th century, Mons. Mambrini collected archaeological findings of different origin, works of art, books and documents to be displayed in a parish church museum adjacent to the parish church of San Pietro in Bosco.

The Civic Museum was first housed in the Palazzo Pretorio of Galeata, which was not large enough to contain all the objects increasing over the years through new archaeological research works, objects from religious buildings and occasional finds. Due to this lack of space, the Museum was moved in 2001 to the Convent of Minor Friars of Pianetto, which opened in the spring of 2004.
In the new premises, the Museum is divided into two sections: a historic and artistic section showing a number of frescoes from the Church of Pantano and some pictures from the Mambrini collection and paintings from the Uffizi Gallery; an archaeological section with different rooms: room 1 is specially dedicated to Mons. Domenico Mambrini collection with a typologically and chronologically different set of materials (worth of mention is a small Egyptian idol representing Iris enthroned holding Horus); room 2 features preprotohistoric material and focuses also on the settling in Roman time; room 3 contains finds from the site of the Roman city of Mevaniola (Cesius mosaic from 1st century b.C., Rubria Tertullia stele from 3rd century a.D.; the honorary key of Mevaniola from 1st century a.D.); room 5 houses archaeological finds from the site of Theodoric villa; rooms 4 and 6 show early Christian, late medieval and roman fragments, among which the famous bas-relief portraying the meeting between the hermit Saint Ellerus and the Gothic Saint Theodoric (room 6). On the ground floor there is a book-shop by the museum ticket office and a conference room. On the same floor is the research laboratory and material restoration workroom.


  • Indirizzo: Via Pianetto Borgo
  • Città: Galeata (FC)


  • Tel: +39 0543981854 / +39 0543975428-29
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.