Alla luce della situazione attuale di emergenza, la Romagna Visit Card ha deciso a malincuore di prendersi una pausa in questo 2020.

L’intero sistema turistico, non solo quello del nostro territorio, sta vivendo un momento molto difficile; per questo, siamo già al lavoro per rendere la Card uno strumento ancora più evoluto ed integrato, che possa contribuire a una maggiore attrattività del territorio e al rilancio del settore, una volta superata l’emergenza.
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Villa Silvia Carducci, Museo Musicalia

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Enter a unique place, discover "musicalia", the animated museum where everything sounds!

The Museum was conceived as a path in seven rooms that trace the qualifying moments of the history of mechanical music. From its invention, to the different stages of its development and to establish itself in society, up to the decline due to the appearance of the gramophone and other modern means of sound diffusion.

The poet Giosuè Carducci - the first Italian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature - spent eleven stays in Lizzano, from 1897 to 1906. In those days he was able to enjoy the quiet of the park, the mildness of the climate, the music and the words of Countess Silvia Pasolini Zanelli, a woman of spirit and vast culture, by linking herself to the place to such an extent, to express the desire to end her life in the peaceful peace of the Villa. Indeed, it was here that he was inspired to compose the famous Ode to the Church of Polenta.

As evidence of the partnership, a plaque remains, placed by the Counts Pasolini Zanelli in 1907 - after the Poet's death - to perpetual memory of their admiration and friendship, in addition to the room reserved for him and in which he loved to stay during his summer vacation. The Room, still intact and visible, preserves the original furnishings of the poet, including the wrought-iron bed, the desk, the chest of drawers, the English sofa - intended for his faithful servant - and the wheelchair, which he was forced to use in the last years of his life. The wardrobe is also perfectly preserved, containing the financier used at the University of Bologna, where he held the position of lecturer, not that of the Magnificent Rector, in addition to most of the personal effects and numerous photographs that portray him in his stays at the Villa.


  • Indirizzo: Via Lizzano 1241
  • Città: Cesena (FC)