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Castello di Montebello

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Leaving the Romagna coast behind, you just have to climb one of the many hills of the Rimini hinterland to find peace. From the height of its 436 meters, Montebello elegantly dominates the valley of the Marecchia and of the Usage, offering even the most demanding visitor a fascinating journey through history, art and nature.
The mighty fortress, once the scene of numerous battles, offers us a breathtaking panorama today; marked by a millennial history, it guides us to discover its hidden treasures, as well as its mysteries.

The Legend of Azzurrina

Daughter of a certain Ugolinuccio or Uguccione, feudatory of Montebello in 1375, Guendalina was the protagonist of a sad news story. It was June 21st of that distant year when, in the snowfield of the old Fortress, the child disappeared and was never found again.

This is in short its history which, handed down orally for about 3 centuries, was enriched with elements of fantasy. But why did he talk so much about it? The reason we learn it from a Miscellanea of ​​stories from the lower Val Marecchia, the result of a seventeenth-century taste for the folk fabulae. The pen of a collector of seventeenth-century stories thus stopped, on paper, the long flight of what, by now, was already a legend: Azzurrina.

"... sge had the eyes of the sky and light hair with blue reflections ..."

Hence the nickname Guendalina and its suggestion derives from a "true" phenomenon which, if seen more closely, turns out to be the result of a bad color, because the child was born, in reality, with white hair: albino.

It was then, to defend (or hide) her daughter that her parents dyed her hair, but the white of albinism does not retain the color, it reacts to the pigment becoming blue. This explains the "strange" case and the appellative related to it. And yet, the fascination that still holds over the many visitors to the Castle, the producers of television broadcasts, the simple onlookers, remains in the arcane.


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